Full-Text Search with Message Monitor

It allows and simplifies the monitoring of processed EDI messages in a well-arranged manner using a designed user interface. You can display detailed information about incoming and outgoing messages, their states and types.


Connection with logistical providers like e.g. PPL

PPL and other logistical providers require communication via an API interface. ClouEDI is ready to ensure communication with logistics providers through Application Programming Interface. Connection is 100% reliable and secure.


Trusted WebEDI solution with full service

The ClouEDI WebEDI is a verified solution for the EDI communication with customers’ suppliers, who are not able to communicate through a standard EDI. It enables working with customer call-offs, creating ASN, printing customer labels and associated documents. The user interface works in several languages, and full service is assured for your suppliers.


Fast return of investment

Migration to WebEDI in ClouEDI offers instant return of investment, compared to the existing on-premise solution. In fact, the company does not make any investment, but obtains a WebEDI portal for monthly payments, while any administration and maintenance are provided by AIMTEC.


Integration directly to SAP ERP

When a SAP enterprise information system at one of the partners, supplier, or customer is used, exchange of EDI messages can be performed with the connection directly to SAP ERP. ClouEDI enables sending data through https without middleware (XI).


E-invoicing, service within ClouEDI Services

Simple and fast-set e-invoicing service, which is a part of ClouEDI Services, enables the communication primarily for all (even non-automotive) suppliers of the Škoda Auto car manufacturer. The AIMTEC company will provide all required features using the ClouEDI. The customer only sends an exported file from the accounting system (ISDOC, XML, and others). More


DELJIT Pickup Sheet

The DELJIT Pickup Sheet is the EDI specific message providing information about time, place, contents of the delivery, and method of loading/unloading goods. For the ERP systems, unable to process the message, the ClouEDI provides conversion to the PDF format, and sending it to e-mail.



A new feature among our services is focused on the customers, whose information system cannot process the automotive EDI messages. The ClouEDI provides an electronic EDI communication. Part of JIT call-offs is processed, displayed, and converted, if required, into orders in the format that can be processed by the ERP system. Also, it enables for generating ASN, printing customer labels and associated documents, and others. Among others, the ClouEDI JIT is able to communicate with barcode readers. More


ClouEDI supports the RosettaNet standard

In addition to complete coverage of processes the ClouEDI brings an added value to customers not only from an automotive branch, but lately also to customers from hi-tech industries. Together with support of common automotive standards it enables communication using the RosettaNet standard.


Transport integration

The EDI solution controls specific processes of carriers integration. Transport employing 2 million vehicles in Europe is ClouEDI-controlled.


Fast migration to the new solution

A preset solution enables trouble free and fast migration. Complex implementation has been transferred to ClouEDI in three weeks.


ClouEDI communicates with ŠKOTRANS

ClouEDI, as one of few EDI solutions, enables domestic and foreign carriers to communicate with a special interface of Škoda Auto – ŠKOTRANS.


ClouEDI is connected to ENX

Connection to ENX (European Network Exchange) provides communication with world carmakers. One of the key users is Renault.


Interconnection with ERP systems

ClouEDI solution offers standard interface for connection to enterprise wide information systems like Helios, SAP, BYZNYS ERP, and the whole group of ERP systems running on AS/400.


Support of ENGDAT

ClouEDI fully supports transfer of CAD/CAM messages using the ENGDAT standard.