It is quite common in practice that customer keeps changing orders and call-offs. At the same time the customer expects from his suppliers that products will bear labels in accordance with his specification. A way how to meet these requirements, to provide a right quantity in required quality in time, is ClouEDI JIT. ClouEDI JIT offers a simple solution for displaying and processing EDI call-offs being received by a supplier from customers.

EDI call-offs and orders are processed in one place, and supplier downloads them in an ERP format, which is compatible with the supplier’s system. And details for purchases, planning, and production are available instantly. Complicated processing of call-offs in Excel or data retyping is thus eliminated, as well as related errors. ClouEDI JIT solves also meeting requirements at shipment like customer labels, documents, and ASN creation.

ClouEDI JIT can process complex message formats too, visualize them easily, and calculate cumulative values. In this manner supplier has clear, accurate and timely information. ClouEDI JIT saves time that can be devoted to the supplier’s core business. Its implementation and operation is immediate and no big investments are necessary.


Processing call-offs

If the ERP system cannot process changing call-offs in various formats easily – like LAB, FAB etc. – ClouEDI JIT makes it possible to display a forecast to the supplier. Thanks to it the supplier has an overview of what to deliver, where, and in what quantity. The information goes directly to the ERP system, which provides exact information for production planning, purchases, and logistics.


Printing customer labels and documents

ClouEDI JIT enables print of customer labels and transport documents in accordance with customer specification. Concurrently checking of delivery, generation of related ASN, and its validation take place.


Scanning customer labels

ClouEDI JIT enables scanning from created customer labels at shipment. Based on that a delivery note and ASN are generated, the latter validated before sending. If the delivery note is created in ClouEDI JIT it can be back-imported to ERP.